sarcastic laughing.

He is more than that

It happened to me and I thought that he was the one I would be with forever,but that was my mistake.

I saw him one day he caught my eye. He was tall, tanned, and a complete nerd. ‘Hi’ he said and in my head I replayed, but that was not the case. After my heart had skipped a beat, he looked at me with a strange but cheeky smile. ‘I won’t bite, I do promise’ he chucked and with a small smile I laughed we finished a brief conversation, that consisted of me smiling and him talking, we parted ways. All I could think of the rest of the day and the rest of the week was about how I loved that talk we had. I pulled out my phone on a Friday night and somehow inherited 20 seconds of insane courage to text him. ‘Hey, um … Sorry that I was such a weirdo when we talked last :)’. It felt like years till I got a reply, but when It did come my heart stopped. ‘Oh, hey! That is fine, haha, it was fine. I really liked meeting you :).’ After many more texts and laughs I felt much more comfortable talking to him. Slowly but surely we started to talk more and more, we face timed and we texted and I fell in love more and more. Four months, eight months and many more he lead my on like a dear in lights.

Until one night when I got a text from him. ‘Hey, did you want to go to dinner with me ?’. Quickly I raced around the house getting ready and trying to make myself look pretty, until 6:30 came and it was time to leave. For the whole car trip I couldn’t sit still. This was my night, this was the night I will remember forever.

It started well and fun , laughs and jokes till the sun is fully gone. ‘Hey, Chloe. You know it’s weird that we are good friends and you are a girl and I am a guy?’. This was it . This was the moment, my heart was beating so fast and he looked me in the eyes. All I could do was smile like an idiot. ‘So, we’re cool?’ Wait what? What just happened what did I miss ? ‘Friends, just friends’ i stuttered. My heart had stopped and I was walking dead, there was no emotion I can feel and no care in the world that could hold me back from nearly crying. ‘Yer, that is fine. We can be just friends’ you say with a shaky smile.

And today I’m here, three days after that night and we don’t talk, we don’t laugh, we just say hi. And it’s all because I didn’t have the courage to tell him how I feel, but one day I will look back on this moment and the pain I feel and say to people that its going to get better, I promise

A/N - thanks guys :) I know it was only three days but it feels like forever so give a girl a chance . If you liked it let me know x

“You never know what you had till it is gone…
but after a while find out how amazing you were without it…
Unless it is chocolate…”

For a moment life was good…. Then you came …. And what can I say


Easter (Taken with instagram)


Easter (Taken with instagram)

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